This awesome chair might be comfy, but don’t expect any privacy while you’re sitting on it. Then again, perhaps the ideal person to sit on this chair is someone who enjoys being watched… closely watched.

Upholstered in red velvet that folds into eyelids over hundreds of unblinking plastic eyes, the chair was created by Australian artist/designer Fiona Roberts who named it Scopophilia, which means the “love of looking.”

Thanks to all of those peering peepers, Fiona Roberts has created a piece of furniture that, although named after the love of looking, might just inspire the very antithesis of its namesake: Scopophobia, the fear of being looked at.

Fiona Roberts describes her design:

“A chair is designed to fit, comfort and support the body, but the Scopophilia chair no longer possesses some of these functions, although from a distance it appears to offer them, alternately, the form of the chair is reminiscent of an open-armed hug that invites the viewer into its ‘caress’.”

A chair that caresses you with its myriad eyes. If that’s not creepy, we don’t know what is.

[via Designboom]

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